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Progress Report On Pillar Working Groups





All the Pillar Working groups presented on their Year 1 Action Plans at the Commission’s Conference in December 2012, delegates commented on the models etc. presented in Workshop sessions and suggested actions and priorities for Year 2.

At the Programme Board meeting held in February 2013 it was agreed that the concept of, and benefits from, the Strategic Framework need to be re-stated and promoted to stakeholders and to that end a composite ‘Report on Progress’ paper should be prepared and circulated widely to the sector.

It was also agreed that the Communications Plan will be revised with a view to engaging with stakeholders to ensure the role of the Framework in supporting reform is understood and to enhance support for the Working Groups.

















Positive initial response to the Leadership Capability Framework Model at the conference, particularly to the 3 levels of Leadership.  Leadership Framework agreed by Working Group held on 14 February 2013.

Detail of Leadership Academy now being developed including core modules, selection process, gateways etc.

To be piloted and introduced prior to implementation of reform.


Link to competency framework and performance culture model.

Link to existing leadership programmes and core modules provided by the Local Government Training Group.


Develop a platform for launch of the Leadership Capability Framework and programme of engagement with key stakeholders to build support and get buy in.

Penna engaged to develop the detail of the Leadership Academy for LG including:

       developing qualifications or accreditation of existing qualification and programmes in LG;

       pathway of progression through a number of levels or ‘gateways’;

       consider collaboration between councils in providing coaching and support;

       gather details of what is already happening and make the link with the Performance Culture and Talent Management Pillars.

Ensure that Pilots can be effectively resourced.




Performance Culture Model developed.  Well received at Conference.

Need to develop/identify the ‘tools’ to support the model and test them over the coming year in order to have a finished product that will become part of the Reform ‘bundle’ of processes/ tools/ model for the new Councils.


Competency Framework(PPMA & LGSC) is now being used in a number of councils for recruitment purposes.  PPMA will have a review within the next few months and a discussion on extending its use into induction, appraisal, learning and development etc.

Delivering Effective Change – Your Practical Guide (PPMA & LGSC) now at final draft stage.  Practical Guide and Toolkit being tested with quality assurance group of managers.  Training and support for implementation developed over the summer.


Penna have been engaged to further develop the PC Model to the next stage i.e. develop/identify the ‘tools’ to support the model and test them over the coming year.  It is hoped to have the first stage of this work completed by Autumn 2013 (i.e. tools, systems and processes identified).

This work will also take account of links to Leadership and Pay and Reward Pillars.




Industrial Relations Model ready for consultation (document revised following conference feedback).

Fuller ER Framework to be developed (e.g. ADR, Wellbeing, etc).


NIJC draft revised constitution agreed for consultation – in tandem with IR model.

LGRJF has responsibility for “Developing terms of reference and making recommendations for consultation and negotiating machinery for local government post April 2015”.

Reform HR Working Group remit is “to ensure that all the key people issues of the local government reform programme are identified and addressed by the relevant body”.

PPMA – Joint Tender for Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programme & Absence Management Services (17 councils interested).

Emotional Intelligence - Follow Up Workshop being developed with pilot councils.


IR Model and accompanying consultation paper to go to LGRJF meeting on 13 March 2013 for endorsement and then out to consultation.


Pay and Reward


Establish a Workforce Database Profile for the sector to enabling modelling and planning.

Work under way on test HR/Payroll data extraction prior to commissioning IT providers.

WG members met with NISRA w/c 18 Feb to discuss technical/planning issues.

Research into Reward Strategies to be followed up (including example from Sunderland as presented at the Conference).

Links to Competency Framework and Leadership model.


RPA data collection requirements for staff transfer (LGRJF).

LGRJF developing a set of model terms and conditions of service for the new councils.


Four Councils (Ballymena, Belfast, Derry and Newry and Mourne) doing test extractions for 15th March.  This to be considered by NIRSA (April onwards) re the reliability/consistency of information for analysis and predictive modelling purposes.


Talent Management


Not a priority Pillar but it is important to embed an understanding of Talent Management into the culture in the sector in order to retain talented people through the reform process and attract talented people into the new councils.

Linked to the work of the other pillars - Leadership, Performance Culture, Pay and Reward.

Linked to other preparatory work for Reform - the competency framework.


LGRJF Agreements including Filling Posts in New Organisations, Vacancy Controls, Severance Scheme, Scheme of Transfer and Discussion Paper - A New Approach to Recruiting and Developing Local Government Staff.

PPMA Recruitment Sub Group (supported by LGTG) developing a recruitment portal for the sector linked to Local Government Jobs and Situational Judgement Tests for high-volume recruitment posts which may also ultimately facilitate joint recruitment and a call-off list of candidates.  Also looking at common recruitment documentation and ways to share recruitment practice.

LGSC/LGTG Research Project into staff perceptions of reform.

LGSC Code of Procedures on Recruitment and Selection and LGSC Guidance on the Staffing Implications of Organisation Development and Change.


Research the work being carried out by PPMA at a national level.


Learning Organisation


Need to get research work to date written up in order to support councils to achieve the shift from a training focus to a Learning Organisation focus i.e. to a sector focussed on productivity, outcomes, capability and efficiency.

Not a priority Pillar but underpins all others - consider amalgamating with Performance Culture Pillar.  Very much linked to LGTG and its working groups.


LGTG Practitioners’ Group sub-groups:


Learning Management System for Local Government – specification nearing completion.  Procurement May – August.

L&D Evaluation Templates – final draft stage, circulated to councils April/May.

Line Manager HUB– draft model of an online support for access to policies, checklists, training etc. linked to LMS.  Further developed Autumn 2013.

Establishment of the Elected Member Development Steering Group (LGTG/NILGA/NAC).  Meeting with Minister on 8th April to discuss the Reform Capacity Building Programme.

LGTG developing a Programme of Support for the ‘At Risk’ groups.


LGTG will secure L&D provision based on the needs identified as a result of developing the work of all the pillars.


Other Related Actions



Reform programme - LGTG support for Capacity Building and DOE Reform Capacity Building Programme.

LGSC Select List of Consultants for projects to support the Strategic Framework and OD activity.

PPMA Model Policies.

LGRJF Workplan:

       Vacancy Controls System (Phase 1 issued)

       Model Terms of Reference and Operating Arrangements for Local Consultation and Negotiation Forums at Transition Committee Level (issued).


LGRJF Workplan – future actions:

       Scheme of Transfer for Local Government Staff (agreed, waiting on legislation).

       Staff Severance Scheme for Local Government (agreed)

       System for Filling Posts in the New Organisations including appointment of Senior Staff (work under way)

       Transfer Arrangements for Civil Servants to Local Government (watching brief)

       Location, relocation and expenses (discussion paper)

       Collation of information on transferring staff

       Code of Conduct for Local Government Employees

       Harmonisation of Terms and Conditions

       Capacity Building

Ongoing integration with ICE.

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