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Equality And Diversity

Equality and Diversity Group

In 2012 the Commission established a single Equality and Diversity Group which encompassed the work of the Women’s Development Steering Group and the Disability in Local Councils Stakeholder Group thereby building upon the success of two important equality initiatives; the Women in Local Councils initiative and the Disability in Local Councils initiative.  The work of the Equality and Diversity Group also includes equality and diversity work in councils, including section 75 duties and equalities networks which promote dialogue and understanding across separate equality strands.

Strategy and Action Plan for the Equality and Diversity Group for 2019 - 2021

This Strategy and Action Plan sets out the background of the Group, as well as our priorities as we continue to work with our stakeholders, and seek to support and assist councils to ensure equality of opportunity  and good relations as an Employer, a Service Provider and a Civic Leader.



Diversity Champions

One of the key elements of the Equality and Diversity initiative has been the appointment of a network of Diversity Champions to actively promote the equality and diversity agenda in councils.  The Equality and Diversity Group would like all councils to commit to the initiative and appoint both an elected member and an officer to act as Diversity Champions.

Equality and Diversity Framework

The Equality and Diversity Framework was drafted and launched by the Equality and Diversity Group in 2013, and endorsed by the former 26 councils.  It details the Council’s statement of intent and approach to ensure equality and diversity.  The 11 new councils are currently formally endorsing the Framework.

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